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Features of our Baseball and Softball Stats Program

Scorebooth is loaded with features yet easy to use and affordable. No CDs to install, no version updates to keep track of, and no concerns about losing your data. You won't find a more comprehensive stat software program for a lower average yearly cost!

PLUS Scorebooth is completely internet-based!

Feature Standard   Pro      Club  League
Secure access to your stats from any PC or Mac connected to the internet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stats and information stored on our servers to eliminate the worry of losing your data due to potential problems with your computer or network Yes Yes Yes Yes
Simple menu options and easy-to-use screens for quick and easy data entry Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online help including descriptions for all stat abbreviations Yes Yes Yes Yes
No advertisements or pop-ups while you use our site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keep track of detailed team and player information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage your team's schedule, including detailed game information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keep track of more than 80 batting, fielding, and pitching statistics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic calculation of all season totals, averages, and percentages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy 'drag-and-drop' setup of your lineups using our exclusive Starting Lineup Tool, which can be printed and given to the opposing team or scorers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print out starting lineup sheets to pass out before your games Yes Yes Yes Yes
View and print detailed team, roster, game, and schedule reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
View and print individual player reports showing detailed game-by-game performance Yes Yes Yes Yes
View and print Team Leaders reports for all statistic categories Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter stat reports by game type to view stats for any combination of league, non-league, tournament, playoff, and scrimmage games Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email reports to players, fans, media, etc. -- Yes Yes Yes
Text message your players about schedule changes, cancellations, announcements, etc. -- Yes Yes Yes
Share your team's stats with players, fans, newspapers, etc. by providing them with a 'view only' ID and password -- Yes Yes Yes
Link to your Scorebooth reports automatically from your current web site -- Yes Yes Yes
Track stats for MULTIPLE Teams and/or MULTIPLE Seasons per calendar year -- -- Yes Yes
Keep track of League standings and schedules -- -- -- Yes
View and print League Leaders reports for all statistic categories -- -- -- Yes

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