"I can enter my stats from school, home, or both - without installing software. The most convenient program I've ever used."

Coach Mutch - Brecksville HS Varsity Baseball

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Scorebooth was designed by coaches, for coaches

The site was developed by InteroTech, LLC - an information technology consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to providing technical solutions to our customers, the owners of InteroTech have been involved in coaching baseball and softball at the high school and rec league levels.

In our own experience and in speaking with other coaches, we found a common frustration - no quick and easy way to calculate statistics during the season and share them with players and fans. Another common frustration experienced by coaches is the pain of installing software CDs and upgrades, only to have a computer 'crash' and lose valuable data.

We decided to use our technical skills, and coaching experience to create a completely web-based program that would allow coaches to easily get their statistics from their scorebook to the internet.

Why use Scorebooth to manage your team's stats?

  • We know baseball & softball. Knowing the game, we understand the need for accurate, easy-to-use stat tracking.
  • Designed by coaches. When designing the web site, we consulted a number of high school baseball and softball coaches to ensure the site would be easy to use, yet comprehensive. We continue to leverage our experience and that of our coaching colleagues as we make improvements to the site.
  • Convenience. You can manage your stats from any computer connected to the internet. No CDs to install, no software updates, no concerns for losing your data due to a computer 'mishap'. Simply login to www.scorebooth.com!
  • Service. We are a small company that relies on strong relationships with our customers. You can reach us by phone or email anytime you have a question.

InteroTech also provides services in the areas of Custom Software Development, e-Business Solutions, Web Sites, Packaged Software Implementation, and Project Management. We specialize in providing complete, customized technology solutions to our clients by leveraging our business and technical knowledge.

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