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Recent News

"I previously used a Palm Pilot™ for my baseball stats software. Scorebooth is much easier to use."

Coach Bryant - CCHS Varsity Baseball

"I LOVE that I can track my team's softball statistics online!"

Coach Winings - Eaton HS Varsity Softball

"I really enjoyed using Scorebooth this year. It made keeping stats so much easier and more accurate."

Coach Smith - Olmsted Falls HS Varsity Softball

"I can enter my stats from school, home, or both - without installing software. The most convenient program I've ever used."

Coach Mutch - Brecksville HS Varsity Baseball

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Scorebooth.com - the online baseball and softball statistics software program

Scorebooth takes baseball stats software to a whole new league! Now you can easily manage your team's statistics on the web, from ANY computer. Enter game results from your scorebook, then let our web site automatically calculate, total, and report your baseball and softball stats.

If you're using an outdated stats program, a spreadsheet, or even pencil and paper to track stats, Scorebooth is the simpler solution.

Great for all High School, Little League®, Travel, and Recreation League teams, Scorebooth will save you time and make managing your stats easy.

Advantages of Scorebooth over traditional baseball software

  • No costly software CDs to install which limit you to one computer
  • Simply login to our site from any PC or Mac connected to the internet
  • No worries of lost data - your stats are stored safely on our servers
  • Quickly email stats reports to fans, players, media or coaches
  • Text message your players for schedule updates, cancellations, etc.
  • Pricing from only $20 per year!